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The Worldwide Bible Society (WBS) was formerly conducted under the name The New Chinese Bible Centre, which was founded in 1972 to associate Chinese biblical scholars from all around the world to re-acquaint the effort of translating the bible into the Chinese written language. Since the publication of the Holy Bible Chinese Union Version (CUV) by European scholars in 1919, magnificent improvement has been accomplished in biblical research and language development; therefore, followers began to find CUV ancient and difficult to understand. To alleviate this growing problem, a group of Chinese biblical scholars gathered and picked up the task of composing a new translation. With the usage of current and modern Chinese in translation, the newly translated bible no longer creates a barrier between the content and the reader, as did CUV. The collected efforts of these scholars were finally recognized; the reader-friendly Chinese New Version (CNV) - New Testament was published in 1976 and a version combing both the New and Old Testament was published in 1992.

In 2001, the New Chinese Bible Centre was transformed into the Worldwide Bible Society with the mission of promoting the Chinese New Version and persisting with the drive of researching and cultivating bible study and spirituality materials. Furthermore, we deliver bibles to mainland Chinese followers, pastors, prisoners, and many others to enhance their relationships with God. We also provide scholarships to encourage ministry students to study God's words in greater detail in order to better-instruct and reach out to other followers. Additionally, with the technological advancements of today, we have begun to develop internet-based services to help the underserved in attempts to rebuild their confidence through teachings of the bible. By way of our coorperative endeavors with the Chinese New Version, we will devote to the glorification of gospel to both practicing Christians and non-followers around the world.